2012 Word: Discipline

Last year, I took Christine Kane's advice regarding New Year's Resolutions. Kane is a singer-songwriter and "Mentor to Women Who are Changing the World."  She explains her philosophy on her blog: "Choose a word for the year and let it guide you to take action." You can read the whole piece on her website: Christine Kane: Resolution Revolution.

I procrastinated about what I was going to commit to for 2012, but I decided there was no way around it. My word for 2012 is discipline. That's not an easy word for me, because I tend to be relaxed and laid back.  "Let It Be" has worked well for me. But at this age, at this moment, with my goals and aspirations, discipline is a requirement.

  • I've just begun fiddle lessons, and it's challenging my middle-aged brain to the limit.  Practice doesn't make perfect - at least not so far - but the discipline is slowly easing me out of the "screeching cat" phase. 
  • I'm working on a 10-song CD project that's only half written. Discipline (and coffee) will get me into my studio for the necessary early morning writing sessions. 
  • Last summer, I started running and preparing healthy meals and I managed to lose 20 pounds. That weight is not going to stay gone without a little -- or most likely, a lot -- of discipline.   

So, with this handy-dandy word tucked into my pocket, I'm ready for whatever the New Year has in store.

Do you have a word for 2012? Share, please?

New Year's Eve in Hawaii -- No discipline here, just aloha....

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