Celebrate Culture

The Cultural Cruise - a city-wide celebration of the arts - gets underway on January 28th at 4 PM.

From the Turtle Bay website: Join the Turtle Bay Museum, Shasta County Arts Council’s Old City Hall Gallery, Redding City Hall, Redding Library, First United Methodist Church, Shasta State Historic Park, Shasta College Art Gallery and North Valley Art League for a night of visual enjoyment. Cruise with your family and friends around Redding to see exciting art exhibitions and enjoy refreshments at each hosting gallery – a truly pleasurable evening. Pick up a Cultural Cruise map at the locations listed above for more detailed information. FREE!

Click here for a map: Cultural Cruise Map

Craig and I will be playing our original music at Redding City Hall beginning at 5 PM, along with another husband and wife duo, The Pine Dogz.

We've shared the bill with Steve and Diana Wallis several times and always have a ball.

We're looking forward to sharing tunes from our new CD, Storms and Other Blessed Burdens, including this one, inspired by a Shasta County legend:

THe Hour of the Outlaw
words and music © 2010 Erin Friedman

He checked his pocket watch and he pulled his hat down low
Crouched in shadowed canyon beside the stagecoach road
Stood ready with his shotgun and when the stage arrived
Shot the guard and stole the gold and proved his daddy right

The Hour of the Outlaw
Seconds beat like a drum
The Hour of the Outlaw
The countdown has begun

His daddy was a scoundrel, a gambler and a thief
Took a bullet in his back for the aces up his sleeve
Before he died he said, "Son, outlaw blood runs through your veins
And all I got to leave you is this pocket watch and chain"

The Outlaw of the stagecoach trail could not out run his fate
Time had come for justice and justice would not wait
An angry mob rode out to Whiskey Creek and tracked him down
Left him swinging like a pendulum from the highest tree in town

The treasure still lies buried on the banks of Whiskey Creek
Many men have searched and failed - fortunately
But when the time is right, some unsuspecting soul
Will dig up a cursed pocket watch and strongbox full of gold

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