Have Yourself a Local Little Christmas

It's unique, it's local, it's inexpensive. And heck, we've arrived at Countdown Time and those stockings simply must be stuffed. Why not stuff them with local music and support our local art community, too?

For original country-folk tunes, all of our Still Married CDs are available at Wrap-N-Pack in Redding and on CDBaby.com.

The North State is home to a wide variety of artists and you can find a selection of CDs at:

Bernie's Guitar -3086 Bechelli Ln, Redding
The Gift Store at Turtle Bay

On CDBaby.com you'll find Chuck McCabe's tribute song: "I'd Rather Be in Redding" on his critically acclaimed album "Creatures of Habit." Great stuff there, including the sweet, poignant "My Prayer for You."

From Chuck McCabe's song:

"My prayer for you
That you may do
What makes you laugh
What makes you new"

And may your Christmas be filled with sounds and songs that make you smile.

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