One More Time

The technical term for this new song is a "Musical Do-Over."

Several years ago, I wrote a song called "A Kiss Beneath the Sundial Bridge." I liked the story, loved the inspiration, and felt the lyrics were strong. But a song is doomed if the songwriter doesn't enjoy singing it. That is a Big Fat Fatal Red Flag.

The problem was the melody -- it was just about as interesting as last week's tuna casserole. So I re-wrote it. Twice. Fortunately, one of the benefits of having no publisher and no charting hits I am free to steal and pilfer from my own back catalog. Everything I've ever written is fair game. So I re-wrote it one more time.

Now I am -- finally -- happy with this brand new (and not quite so wordy) song: "Under the Sundial Bridge." It's available as a free download on our website - and below is a video montage of pictures of the magnificent Sundial Bridge that inspires me every time I see it.

Under the Sundial Bridge
words and music © Erin Coombs Friedman

They crossed the Sundial Bridge
Into their own fairytale romance
The twilight played behind the glass
They left behind a lonely past
Love found a time and place at last

Run, river, run, river run
Shadows spin under the sun
But time stands still
And forever begins with a kiss
Under the Sundial Bridge

They cross the Sundial Bridge
For river walks
Friday night jazz
Sunday coffee talks
Moon hangs over Lassen Peak
A diamond ring and he's down on one knee
She agrees to reach for eternity

They'll cross the Sundial Bridge
In years to come
Fireworks on the fourth
The Fall salmon run
Guide their children by the hand
Find skipping stones on the sand
Together remember just how forever began

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