Thanks for the Memories

In this Grateful Season, I get to count a lot of blessings -- including a friendship that began before grade school and still thrives.

In August, I spent four glorious days with my dear friend, Mary - she and I share a birthday and we celebrated 50 years of fun and friendship at her mountain home in the High Sierras. Lots of hiking, loads of laughs and a few bottles of good wine.
Fun in Heidelberg, 2013

Mary and her lab, Marco in Mammoth, 2014

Before "Valley Girls" was a thing, there was us -- loving the sun, the sand and the songs and living a charmed life in Chatsworth in  LA's San Fernando Valley. My gift to my Sweet Forever Friend was this -- The Songs the Summer Sings -- because nothing says "Thanks for all the memories" like a cheesy, 70s-style pop tune.

The Songs the Summer Sings
words and music by Erin Friedman

Tires spinnin’ on a canyon road
Valley girls head out for the coast
Sing along to the radio
Tuned to 93

Zuma 7 was the promised land
Endless Summer layin’ out on the sand
Perfect soundtrack to the perfect tan
Were The Songs the Summer Sings


We knew all the words
To all The Songs the Summer Sings
California girls
With California dreams
We were wrong about a lot of things:
Fast cars, bad boys, sunscreen
But we were right about
The Songs the Summer Sings 



Goodbye to the Yellow Brick Road

Beegees, Beach Boys, and Rolling Stones
They said “It’s Only Rock and Roll”
But it was everything

It was a cruise out on Van Nuys
Tunes for scopin’ out the guys
Fire drills at the long red lights
To The Songs the Summer Sings


We were straight-A, honor rolls girls
But from June until September
Shed our Pleasant Valley Sunday world
Making summers to remember


We were wrong about Annie Green Springs
And Dittos saddleback jeans
But we were right about
The Songs the Summer Sings

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