The Answer: Because of The Nipple Shirt

The question: Why does Still Married do dress rehearsals before a gig?

It was about ten years ago, when Craig and I first started playing together as a duo, we were practicing for a gig. I was wearing a brown and beige embroidered blouse from India. In person, the shirt was lovely. But we shot some video of our rehearsal and it turns out the embroidery, the color and the lighting combined to create a rather pornographic mirage.  It looked like I was naked from the waist up -- and because of the strategically-placed brown flowers -- that I had very large, dark nipples.

That shirt, henceforth and evermore known as: "The Nipple Shirt," made it's way to the Salvation Army. And Craig and I committed to dress rehearsals ever since.

We are stoked for our gig tonight at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company - thrilled to share the stage with talented songwriters and to have a chance to perform our tunes in a first-class venue.

Here's clip of our dress rehearsal on Sunday - with nary a nipple (imaginary or otherwise) in sight.

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