Whiskeytown Roadhouse

A mythical honky-tonk, one part Cheers, one part Brigadoon, shaken with an ornery, old-west attitude: That’s the Whiskeytown Roadhouse.

The Whiskeytown Roadhouse lives in the past and the present. It’s inhabited by ghosts and lost souls, lovers and their sordid stories, and it’s tucked away in a canyon on the rough-and-tumble back roads of old Shasta County.

If this were the 1960s, Whiskeytown Roadhouse would be a Concept Album, with an artsy, vaguely risque, 12-by-12 cover and a litany of liner notes and lyrics on the inside sleeve.  But Craig and I missed the '60s music scene, because we were in elementary school at the time, and being Still Married would have been frowned upon.

So here we are:  2013 and the music world is all download-y and green. Whiskeytown Roadhouse is our Concept Not-An-Album, and we're releasing one song at a time on our Still Married website --  all for free. 

First song is up -- click HERE go to our download page. 

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