That Don't Burn - Because we are Stronger Than Carr

The destruction of the Carr Fire - and the gloriously generous response -  inspired this song.



If you would like to help, these organizations are working hard for the fire victims:



Reboot: Video Premiere & Showcase

Video Premiere and Showcase 

North State Songwriters will celebrate the premiere of The Redding Song music video on August 30th at Wildcard Brewing Company Tied House. We'll show the video at 6:30 and then share some original tunes. Songwriters on the bill are: Erin Friedman (Still Married), Diana Wallis (The PineDogz) Nick Ciampi, Harmonica Steve, Hal Johnson, Janie Seeger and Annie Coty.

The new music video highlights many of the best aspects of life in Redding -- the sunshine, the Sundial Bridge, the outdoor recreation, the arts. It was produced with a grant from the Redding Cultural District Micro-grant Program. The song was written by Erin Friedman and performed by Still Married; Ty R. Bos at Outlander Creative produced the video.


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One Very Good Tree

There is, in downtown Redding proper, one and ONLY one tree that has received "very good" designation during the last tree survey.

To honor and commemorate this

One Very Good Tree,

I wrote a song on commission from the The McConnell Foundation.

The tune "is a vital contribution to The McConnell Foundation’s efforts to promote downtown revitalization, and will play a role in ongoing efforts to pursue urban greening, community engagement, and climate resiliency in downtown Redding."

Click on the picture to listen and for a free download:



Concept Album: Whiskeytown Roadhouse

Click on the link above to download the entire concept album for free 

Click on the link above to download the entire concept album for free 

It’s a mythical honky-tonk:
One part Cheers,
one part Brigadoon,
shaken with an ornery, Old West attitude -
that’s the Whiskeytown Roadhouse.
The tavern lives in the past and the present, tucked away in the
rough-and-tumble backroads of
Shasta County.

Download the entire concept album for free by clicking here


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