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Whiskeytown Blue

Whiskeytown Park is one of my favorite places on this planet - just minutes from downtown Redding, it has been my escape, my peaceful place to run, hike and explore. We moved to Shasta County a little more than 20…

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The Redding Song Video


A little more than a year ago a group of people gathered at Redding's Old City Hall in hopes of getting a California Cultural District designation for Redding. It was a long shot, there were a lot of…

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The Pub That I Love

I'm now six months alcohol-free -- so it's  time to have some Fun with Songwriting.

Honestly, the ONLY thing I miss about drinking is the convivial atmosphere at our local tap house. I felt bad about leaving the place…

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What Would Woody Guthrie Do?

Who's telling the story? That's the first question I consider when I begin writing a new song. For this tune, the storyteller is a business owner -- a business owner who is frustrated, angry and disappointed by the homeless situation -- and more importantly…

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The Ballad of Lester and Wilbur



Lester and Wilbur just appeared one day - in south Redding just east of I5. Two giant bighorn sheep - they brightened up the morning commute and it turns out they were created by artist…

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The Other California

We raised our three children in rural Northern California and since they grew up, all three of them have lived abroad.

When they tell people:  "Yes, I'm from California, but..." they find it's not easy to explain Shasta County. It's…Read more

What We Know So Far

We took a long time (two years) to get the Still Strong CD finished. I had planned on putting eleven songs on the album, but this song -- What We Know So Far -- presented itself just a couple months…Read more

A Love Song - with a cameo by Alex Trebek

The routines of married life can get old: "Really? Jeopardy, again?" --  but Love and Sweet Dreams keep us young. Thank goodness. 

We'll perform this duet from our new Still Strong CD on October 20th at The Grape Escape in…Read more