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What Would Woody Guthrie Do?

Who's telling the story? That's the first question I consider when I begin writing a new song. For this tune, the storyteller is a business owner -- a business owner who is frustrated, angry and disappointed by the homeless situation -- and more importantly -- disappointed in herself. The song seems to have struck a chord -- and I'm sure there is more to come with this story - but for now:


The Rams Rise Again

Lester and Wilbur, those beautiful, ornery beasts who were vandalized a few months ago will be rebuilt by artist Joel Dean Stockdill -- fundraising efforts are underway at this website: Learn how you can help Lester and Wilbur

Meanwhile, I figured the boys' ballad needed another, HOPEFUL verse. 







The Ballad of Lester and Wilbur



Lester and Wilbur just appeared one day - in south Redding just east of I5. Two giant bighorn sheep - they brightened up the morning commute and it turns out they were created by artist Joel Stockdill for a music festival and made their way to Redding. They were erected on property owned by Providence International, an organization dedicated to "Building Healthy People, Plants, Partnerships, Places and Planet through Restorative Relationships"

There were some zoning issues with the county, but…

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Celebrate Waterfall Week with The Lost Falls of Whiskeytown

The hike to the falls makes Banjo smile

These spectacular falls were known only to a few locals for 37 years - then in 2004, they were re-discovered and opened to the public. "The Lost Falls of Whiskeytown"  is a unique North State metaphor for lost love.  In celebration of Waterfall Week, we are offering free downloads - click HERE.

The Lost Falls of Whiskeytown
words and music by Erin Friedman © 2007

Our morning coffee comes with heavy silence 
In the nighttime we find refuge in our dreams 
Like some…

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The Other California

We raised our three children in rural Northern California and since they grew up, all three of them have lived abroad.

When they tell people:  "Yes, I'm from California, but..." they find it's not easy to explain Shasta County. It's not LA, Hollywood, beach-front or Bay Area - it's is unique. And wonderful. We call it "The Other California."


The Other California                         
words and music by Erin Friedman

I’m California born and raised 
My roots run deep in the golden state 
There’s no…

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What We Know So Far

We took a long time (two years) to get the Still Strong CD finished. I had planned on putting eleven songs on the album, but this song -- What We Know So Far -- presented itself just a couple months ago and practically begged to be included.

It's a bit of a chore to sum up 110-plus years of cumulative wisdom in a 3 minute song --  impossible, in fact. I always pride myself in being short and sweet when it comes to songwriting, but sometimes the subject matter just won't tuck itself neatly into three minutes…Read more

A Love Song - with a cameo by Alex Trebek

The routines of married life can get old: "Really? Jeopardy, again?" --  but Love and Sweet Dreams keep us young. Thank goodness. 

We'll perform this duet from our new Still Strong CD on October 20th at The Grape Escape in Downtown Redding - join us for our CD Release Party.

Love and Sweet Dreams
words and music by Erin Friedman

We get Alex Trebek for our Saturday threesome
Up next: A double dose of Andy Griffith reruns
Our wild night winds down, set the coffee up and go
Off to sleep to the sound of people growing…Read more

Art in the City: Friday

Celebrate art, culture and original music with the North State Songwriters

  North State Songwriters will present a showcase of original music at Redding City Hall (777 Cypress Ave) during the Fall Art Reception on September 25th. Three different acts will take the stage from 5 - 7 PM.   At 5 PM, Will Miller will perform americana, folk and country. Still Married performs at 5:40, sharing original acoustic tunes that celebrate the landscape, the characters and the independent spirit of Far Northern…


What do you with an empty nest? Well, there's painting, purging, cleaning....and songwriting.

This tune is from our upcoming CD, Still Strong. Inspired by our son Max's journey to Israel -- and the many journeys that led up to it.

words and music by Erin Friedman

You rode in on an autumn wind
Bright blues eyes, dimpled grin
Destined for a long walk to Jerusalem
Let the goodbye bonfire blaze
Sparks rise send you on your way
If smoke gets in my eyes I’ll be okay
Fly and when you hit the ground keep runnin’
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The Drought Song: If You Can't Send Water

In which we attempt to end California's drought by writing a song about it. Get those umbrellas ready.

If You Can’t Send Water
Words and music by Erin Friedman
My morning shower is a dribble from a low-flow shower head
My front lawn made the cover of House and Garden of the Dead
Farmers fret but LA pools are full and the water table’s sinkin’
But water is for fightin’ over and whiskey is for drinkin’
We prayed for a pouring rain
Prayed for snow on the Cascade Range
California’s  parched and dry
Our lawns are…Read more