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Please, pretty please

The most frustrating aspect of this pandemic has been the sheer helplessness - it seems that the ONLY action I can take is to worry. So I do. Endlessly.

But there's good news coming out of Japan and…

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Viral Inspiration

During the quarantine and lockdown that has been in effect for the last few weeks, I’ve watched lots of solo live streams, read posts from musicians who dearly miss their musical comrades, and watched as months of gigs for hard-working…

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Together We

I joined a peaceful protest last month. I didn’t know any of the other marchers, so I was on my own until a young woman stepped in beside me, put out her hand and introduced herself. We walked through the…

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The Songs Written in the Wind

From the musical I'm writing - Tied 2 the Tracks.

Once upon a time, Leo McIntyre was a superstar songwriter who toured the world with his beloved guitar, “Rosie.” After suffering a stroke, Mac realizes that  those days are…

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The Rosewood Guitar


In Act II of the musical I'm writing, "Tied 2 the Tracks," country music legend Leo MacIntyre suffers a devastating stroke that leaves him unable to play his beloved Rosewood guitar.  He's angry, frustrated and, at…

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In the Belly of a Buzzard

Because I never wanted a conventional send-off....And really, why should doves get ALL the songs?

Doing my part to make  Buzzard Ballads a thing.


Beautiful Scars

“I think she misses her people.” 

Those were the profound words of a friend. It was a few months after the Carr Fire and she was talking about Whiskeytown Lake. I had lamented that I’d been unable to visit…

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Fancy Mood

It started with a cow.  A plain black cow in a neighbor’s pasture who ended up getting a Spring makeover when I painted her picture in bright, joyful pinks and blues and yellows. I called the painting “Fancy Mood.” 

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Art in the City: Wonders of Whiskeytown



For many years, I've organized a North State Songwriter Showcase at Redding City Hall for the quarterly Artist Receptions. The two mediums seem quite complementary: Original music pairs perfectly with visual art created right here in…

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The Turf o' Tullamore 2.0

I wrote The Turf o' Tullamore a few years ago, but I recently revisited it to correct ONE, small grammatical error. And I ended up rewriting the whole darn thing. The best-laid schemes o' mice, an' men,  an' songwriters, I…

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